Refund policy

We guarantee the quality, authenticity, and described the condition of all of our items therefore, all items bought from Forte Luxe Fashion Inc. will be final sales with no refunds, returns, or exchanges accepted back to us.

At Forte Luxe, we aspire to constantly reduce our waste and ecological impacts. All of our items are offered at significantly less than their original retail values so that we can keep these luxury items from being wasted. As a brand, we are committed to circular practices in fashion consumption.

Most of our items are in new and unworn condition with elements of packaging or tags attached. We also have Upscaled products (items that we have repaired so that they may continue their life of wear) as well as Salvation items (our imperfect beauties, items with slight “flaws” or “damages” that we view as character).

Due to the variety of our items and the values that we offer, we ask you, our clients, to be our partners in practicing responsible consumption when shopping from us.

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Here are our recommendations:

⦁ Only buy what you absolutely need and totally love to wear. Everything else may be a waste in your closet and also our landfills.

⦁ If you are unsure about a product or its details, please reach out with questions before you buy. We prefer to provide you with all of the service needed in order to make an informed purchase of an item that will be worn and enjoyed. You can reach us anytime at

⦁ If you receive an item and it does not fit you, consider taking it to your local tailor for assistance. If the color is not to your liking, perhaps it could be dyed? Be creative in keeping or changing a style that you have gravitated towards. It is for a good reason.

⦁ If you are not happy with the style of something you selected when it arrives, consider gifting it to someone you care about, reselling it in your local community, or via an app where second-hand luxury is often found.

⦁ When your shipment from Forte Luxe arrives, consider keeping and reusing the packaging. If the box is intact, use it to ship something else. Extra tissue paper? Stuff the toes of your shoes to keep them in shape. Dust cloths can be kept long after a shoe is worn out for the next incoming pair.

⦁ Clothing is a basic need. Be grateful for every opportunity to indulge in beautiful things, maintain them well and keep them close to your heart.